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What could you achieve with highly motivated people?


Engaged talent goes the extra mile every time, delivering superior products, experiences, and results for your organisation. With rapid changes in the world of work, high-performing millennials are constantly scanning the horizon for new and better job opportunities. What are you doing to keep your best and brightest happy, and inspired to contribute their best to your organisation's objectives?

  • What impacts how motivated your people are? How can you remove obstacles that get in their way? 
  • What development opportunities are going to encourage your people to invest more in your organisation?
  • How can you create purpose-driven masters and leaders throughout your teams?



Understand Insights 1:1

A 1:1 call per person to discuss insights about what makes them most passionate and driven. Based on their results from the Lumina Spark psychometric. Learn More.


Mission Type: Masters vs. Leaders

Missions fall into two categories: those with Mastery as the primary aim, and those with Leadership as the key priority. Learn how your people can bridge the gap between where they are now, and developing as a Master or Leader at your organisation. 

Meaningful Milestones

What milestones do your people need to pass in order to achieve their next big career goal? Find out how to set effective milestones, and how to measure your success at achieving them.


Strengths & Levers

We look at the people, techniques, and resources your people need to achieve their goals. How can they use what your organisation offers? 

Action Plan

Each person completes an Action Plan to achieve their new goal.  How they can measure their success? What benefits and rewards will there be for you and for them? They leave the experience with a clear path ahead, fully customised for their growth at your organisation.  

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Lumina Spark is a psychometric measure designed to help individuals, teams, and organisations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line.

It gives individuals insights into their leading strengths, and what they can do to add more value to their team.

The fully individualised reports give the test taker a comprehensive view on what motivates them most, and where there are Master and/or Leader development opportunities.