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Your opportunity to capture the full attention and focus of your best people



An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.




Your People

Do you know what matters most to them?

A Harvard Business Review study (Hamori, Cao, and Koyunco, 2012) found that most young high performers are regularly thinking about and looking for new opportunities, even if they're already employed.

MacRae and Furnham (2014) suggest that the reason for this is the large gap between the development opportunities that organisations offer, and what employees actually want. 

What should your organisation do to fully engage and inspire your best and brightest?


What's their next mission?

Our starting point is to see what version of themselves your people identify most with. We use the proven Hudson Institute Cycle of Renewal:

Are your people in Go For It, Cocooning, 'Doldrums', or Getting Ready?

We take what this reveals about what motivates and brings out the best in your people, and unite this with what will drive meaningful impact at your organisation.

Your people discover a new mission goal at work that has real personal meaning to them. Luckily for you, this new mission is tied to their investment in and commitment to your firm.


How It Works

Our workshops give your people the chance to work out the one thing that could make a big difference in their career. 

Each workshop lasts just 1 hour - perfect for a lunch break or Friday afternoon!



Reception and networking

If you're bringing people from different parts of the company together, this is a great opportunity for them to get to know each other. 


What matters most to your people right now?

We consider what phase each person identifies with: Go For It, 'Doldrums', Cocooning, or Getting Ready.



What does this mean for professional opportunities?

Each phase reveals opportunities for your firm to give your people more of what they actually desire.


Discover the next mission

Each person identifies a meaningful milestone for them in their careers, which inspires and supports them. 

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Go the extra mile!

After completing our workshop, your people will know the one thing that would make a big difference in their career. Now give them a real chance to achieve it!

Use the power of data and psychology to give your people the insights they need.

Select between two follow-on workshops: Engagement OR Innovation

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Engaged talent is dedicated and driven, reliably delivering superior results for your teams, business, and customers.

What are you doing to keep your best and brightest happy, and inspired to contribute their best to your organisation's objectives?

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Entrepreneurial talent is the new benchmark for understanding what businesses will thrive in today's market. 

What hidden innovative potential lies in your people? Learn how to use it to support their mission and your organisation's growth. 

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About Us

Arieli & Company are a career management company. We help clients make career choices, navigate challenging work situations, and develop their talents to the maximum. 

Our aim is to be the ultimate ally to people who can change the world. From the start to the end of their careers.